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Poke-Journey Online MMORPG Game

Welcome to the world of Poke-Journey, a new and unique place created by the enormous power. You're standing in front of your destiny. As a trainer, teach your pokemons how to fight, capture new species of creatures, form your own guild and lead your friends to fight. Explore our amazing world and in the end, find your life purpose.

Update 05-02-2020

04.02.2020 15:30:52 Eliaszkkk


Today we updated the game introducing several changes and new things, all described below

- New berries have been added to counteract burning, poisoning, paralysis, sleeping and freezing.
- Stamina added, giving 2x exp, one minute of stamina is renewed for 4 minutes of being offline, the stamina limit is 2 hours.
- A new system of catching pokemon, pokemons can now disappear after an unsuccessful catch, which means that better balls give a better chance of catching them. After catching the pokemon, he has level 1.
- Shiny and rare pokes appear much more often, but it's harder to catch them. In addition, they appear in place of the last killed pokemon.
- Free healing in PokeCenter, for non-premium also.
- Level Downs are still lowered by pokemon lvl, the smaller the pokemon lvl is, the easier it is to catch pokemon.
- An NPC has been added that wants to bring him the items he is asking for (similar to hunting).
- Dig (return to town) does not require premium.
- Dead Pokemon can be moved.
- Ore digging system, you can dig ore stones with a strength attack. Ores appear randomly on the map.
- !lootinfo allows you to disable/enable loot in the center of the screen.
- You can now sell all unnecessary items in the store with one option.
- Raid meteorite causing the change of nearby pokemon to Clefairy and Clefable. After killing 500, the meteorite is destroyed and a boss appears in his place.
- Sometimes a teleport appears on the map, transferring to the cave with Evil Mewtwo - a new boss.

Update 04-01-2020

05.01.2020 16:10:55 Eliaszkkk


Yesterday we updated the game introducing several changes and new things, all described below

- An island with Evil Tangelas 40-50 lvl has been added (you can get there thanks to NPC Gabe)
- You can exit saffari with the button
- Resp in the ghost tower has been reduced
- Changed debuffs and buffs
- New TMs have been added (Defense Curl, Barrier, Harden, Withdraw, Lightscreen, Reflect, Waterpulse)
- Added tasks, quests to kill a given number of pokemon, after completing the quest we get a random item and the appropriate number of Task Coins that we can exchange for valuable items
- Bracelets have been added, these are items that we can put on the pokemon, after putting it gets a boost to one of the statistics
- An alchemist who creates antidote has been added

New Year's Eve Event!

25.12.2019 13:40:46 Eliaszkkk


Christmas is over in our world! But this is not the end of the celebration!

Tomorrow at midnight on the occasion of the approaching new year a new character will appear in the Blank, you will get 2 champagnes a day from her!
One champagne increases the experience gain by 100% per hour, the bonus does not accumulate!

In addition, all pokemons will drop items twice as often until the end of the event.

Rarer pokemons will come out of their shelters to celebrate the new year with us, and this means they will show up more often.

Don't miss the opportunity to catch your favorite pokemon!

The event runs from 12/26/2019 00:01 to 03/01/2020 23:59 (CET)

Update 13-12-2019

13.12.2019 21:30:10 Eliaszkkk


Today we are updating the game with a few changes and new things, all described below

- Added Paras/Parascet resp 20-40 lvl in Blank (C1)
- Added Golbat resp 25-40 lvl and poison pokemons resp 36-50 lvl in Hopsy (C2)
- Surf is now aoe
- Poison bug fixed
- Shiny pokemons only appear on the basic version
- Quest for HM Fly has been added
- Defense Curl acts as a shield for the amount of hp
- Ride Pager Key quest has been added (item allowing you to ride on pokemon)
- Added rock city of Raddam (C6)
- Mp attacks have been changed (should be easier on low lvl and harder on high lvl)