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Poke-Journey Online MMORPG Game

Welcome to the world of Poke-Journey, a new and unique place created by the enormous power. You're standing in front of your destiny. As a trainer, teach your pokemons how to fight, capture new species of creatures, form your own guild and lead your friends to fight. Explore our amazing world and in the end, find your life purpose.

Poke-Journey 2021 reactivation!

02.12.2021 17:46:49 Ron
Hi All!

As a result of some perturbations related to switching dedicated servers Poke-Journey stayed offline for most of 2021. I sincerely apologies for that.

I just wanted to let you know that we're not going to abandon this project. It will be continued for the rest of this year in unchanged form. In addition to that information, I wanted to let you know that we are planning some changes in early 2022.

If you can't log in, please, download a new client (as our login IP address has changed and the client is not addressing connections based on hostname [unfortunately, we will have to adjust that]):

Good luck!
Jakub aka Ron

Update 16-03-2020

16.03.2020 20:23:13 Eliaszkkk


Today we updated the game introducing several changes and new things, all described below

- Added a second generation of pokemon
- Seventh city - Electron added
- The system of bigger needed exp for the pokemon has been abolished, every pokemon now needs the same amount of exp for a given level, regardless of whether Charmander or Charizard. It also caused that Pokemons at higher evolutions went back exp to 0 on a given level.
- Fixed bug with leaders, they didn't give badges and TMs, if you haven't received your prize yet, go to the leader!
- At NPC Gabe, you can now teleport to other cities, provided that you have defeated the leader of the city
- A friendship system has been added, walking with pokemon, giving him different TMs and pills, you increase his friendship, the more friendship we have on pokemon, the more profits it brings, some pokemons evolve along with their friendship level (described in pokedex), friendship decreases when we fight with a given pokemon
- The fight time with NPCs has been limited to 5 minutes
- You can catch pokemons by throwing balls at them (by dragging them)
- NPC has been added, thanks to which we can revive fossils

Update 24-02-2020

25.02.2020 20:01:40 Eliaszkkk

Small corrections were made yesterday and some bugs were fixed, list of the most important ones below

- Stamina bar in the client
- NPC has been added that melts ores, you can sell them in the PokeStore
- The time between potions has been reduced from 25 seconds to 15
- Added new shiny and graphics for some pokemons
- Minor bug fixes
- Added new Mark's challenges in Leafon (fire, water and psychic)
- The items of the boxes have been changed and the chance of dropping them has been increased

Update 05-02-2020

04.02.2020 15:30:52 Eliaszkkk

Today we updated the game introducing several changes and new things, all described below

- New berries have been added to counteract burning, poisoning, paralysis, sleeping and freezing.
- Stamina added, giving 2x exp, one minute of stamina is renewed for 4 minutes of being offline, the stamina limit is 2 hours.
- A new system of catching pokemon, pokemons can now disappear after an unsuccessful catch, which means that better balls give a better chance of catching them. After catching the pokemon, he has level 1.
- Shiny and rare pokes appear much more often, but it's harder to catch them. In addition, they appear in place of the last killed pokemon.
- Free healing in PokeCenter, for non-premium also.
- Level Downs are still lowered by pokemon lvl, the smaller the pokemon lvl is, the easier it is to catch pokemon.
- An NPC has been added that wants to bring him the items he is asking for (similar to hunting).
- Dig (return to town) does not require premium.
- Dead Pokemon can be moved.
- Ore digging system, you can dig ore stones with a strength attack. Ores appear randomly on the map.
- !lootinfo allows you to disable/enable loot in the center of the screen.
- You can now sell all unnecessary items in the store with one option.
- Raid meteorite causing the change of nearby pokemon to Clefairy and Clefable. After killing 500, the meteorite is destroyed and a boss appears in his place.
- Sometimes a teleport appears on the map, transferring to the cave with Evil Mewtwo - a new boss.