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Poke-Journey Online MMORPG Game

Welcome to the world of Poke-Journey, a new and unique place created by the enormous power. You're standing in front of your destiny. As a trainer, teach your pokemons how to fight, capture new species of creatures, form your own guild and lead your friends to fight. Explore our amazing world and in the end, find your life purpose.


11.11.2019 12:40:29 Eliaszkkk

Hi, we would like to announce that problems with server stability at beginning are probably fixed. Unfortunately, the bug that caused the problem on the main server didn't cause it on the test server, so we couldn't notice it.

We can start working on server development, which is:
- fix aoe - for example, magnitude doesn't hit a player's pokemon if we don't want it
- change of buffs/debuffs - first of all it won't be that if lvl 1 weedle poison golem, the golem will be hit for 100 dmg
- an additional system of rare pokes - there will be two systems at the same time - rare pokes appears after X deaths of pokemon or random spawn on map
- adding new quests
- addition of raids
- speed increase depending on the character level
- bestiary
- reduction pokeball's exhaust
- flypoints
- shiny detector for batteries
- Map development

Have fun on the way to catch your favorite pokemons!

Opening the server

05.11.2019 11:46:33 Eliaszkkk

Hello dear players,

The current state of the game allows us to start a new, completely changed server. That's why I would love to say that the server start will be on November 9 at 10:00 AM (CET)

Good luck with catching your favorite pokemons!