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Poke-Journey Online MMORPG Game

Welcome to the world of Poke-Journey, a new and unique place created by the enormous power. You're standing in front of your destiny. As a trainer, teach your pokemons how to fight, capture new species of creatures, form your own guild and lead your friends to fight. Explore our amazing world and in the end, find your life purpose.

Christmas Event

06.12.2019 19:45:54 Eliaszkkk


We are starting the Christmas Event on the occasion of the upcoming holidays, here is some information

Santa has appeared in the city of Blank! Help him find the socks that wild pokemons stole and get valuable prizes!

Once in 24h you can also receive a small gift from Santa Claus that will help you in the game, especially at the beginning of your journey!

Pokemon can now also drop Christmas Gifts, open them to get powerful items such as Level Down, Eggs, Pills, PokeBackpack and many more!

We wish you successful hunting and even better rewards from Santa Claus ;)

The event runs from 06.12.2019 20:00 to 25.12.2019 23:59 (CET)

Update 04-12-2019

04.12.2019 23:24:43 Eliaszkkk


Today we are updating the game with a few changes and new things, all described below

- Revive heals 10% hp, Max revive 100% hp
- Pokemons that were not caught in the first evolution hit less
- Rest/Twister/Seismic Toss Fixed
- You can exchange shards with npc
- Pokemon movesets changed
- New tms: AncientPower, AquaTail, AuroraBeam, Outrage, FlameThrower, WingAttack, Bonemerang, MoonBlast, SilverWind
- The gyms in Suiton (C4) and Katon (C5) have finally been opened
- Quest on Eevee in Leafon (C3)
- New pokemon attacks: AquaRing, Synthesis, Roost, FlameBurst, Discharge, AquaJet, IceFang, AerialAce, FlameCharge, FireFang, PsychoCut, BlastBurn

Update 28-11-2019

28.11.2019 18:05:58 Eliaszkkk


Today we are updating the game with a few changes and new things, all described below

- Ether now heals 50 mana and costs 5$
- Pokeballs are stacking
- Wild pokemons use explosion/selfdestruction only when they have low hp
- Changed graphics of some pokemon
- New shiny pokemons
- New TMs
- Eggs don't count steps when we surf
- Surf bug removed (going up the mountain)
- Updater (you do not need to download a new version from the site each time if you have downloaded today's or later version)
- Only safari balls can be used on safaris
- Added safari in the city of Katon (C5)
- Lake has been added to C4 where you can fish pokemons
- When fishing there's a chance for several pokemons to appear at once and there's chance for catch shiny
- Quest for Good Rod in Suiton (C4)

Update 20-11-2019

20.11.2019 19:58:43 Eliaszkkk

We are happy to announce that we have been able to introduce many new updates today. Some of them have been added in previous days, some are quite fresh.

- Added fourth city, Suiton (water)
- Added fifth city, Katon (fire)
- HM Surf available in the quest
- A backpack and a quest for it have been added
- Eggs have a description informing what pokemons can contain and the egg system has been changed to a percentage, you can view them here: CLICK
- AOE, wild pokemons don't hit each other and AOE attacks don't attack other trainers unless we mark them.
- Evil Pokemons don't show up as shiny
- Angry Zapdos and his pokemon friends raid added
- You can scan Evil Pokemons
- The poison works completely differently, the new system is described here: CLICK
- Faster character movement with higher level
- Autoloot added (!Autoloot command disables or enables autoloot)
- Changed TMs, pokemons can't learn all attacks, you have a list here: CLICK
- Pokemon bodies stay on the ground a little longer